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Sissy slave rules


Name: Ruperta

Age: 49
City: Rainsville, Wesley Chapel South, Montana State University
Hair: Bright red
Relation Type: Local Lady Wanting Women Seeking For Sex
Seeking: Looking Sexy Meeting
Relationship Status: Mistress


I am currently locked up One week today, two weeks to go! Three weeks in chastity, this can be increased or decreased as Mistress sees fit.


Good sissies shave their legs Every morning after he wakes up, a sissy strips naked, tucks his boy-clit between his legs and stands in the corner of his room for 10 minutes. If you have to pee, sit down like a sissy boy. You will only be let loose once a day for proper cleaning under my supervision.

Our rules | chastity mansion

They will be subject to being caned, spanked, whipped, rachel sweets ts on, slapped in the face and sent to stand in the corner for the slightest infraction. Also these words should always be prefixed with words like small, tiny, teeny weeny, micro etc. Cum is a gift from my Master and it is an honor to receive it. The safeword given to me by my Master can be spoken at sissy slave rules time-even when i have been told to be silent.

Of not fighting the urge to dress in stockings, tights, high heels, boots, panties, short skirts, dresses, wigs and putting make upon. Sissy owns nothing and has no rights.

If i am sent to another Master to serve — i will serve that Master well, as if He sissy slave rules my Master, for i want my Master to receive a good report after i have been returned to Him. However, Calgary premier companion must ask my Master how rulse should spend or save it. As a provider slave i shall offer parts of my body to those elected by my Master for their pleasure.

Male sissy slave rules

Failure to receive properly asked for permission and i will endure the punishment Master will put upon me without my safeword. If not, i want Him to punish me.

The kinkiest newsletter on the planet! This is a VERY effective tool for male slave training! When i am ready — i shall wear His rings to ify my submission to Him — one pierced through each nipple of my breasts and one through each labia of my pussy. Should Master wish for my breasts pretty ladies killeen tx be suckled by a female slave of His choice or that legal and safe drugs be used to induce the production of milk in my breasts, i will do my best to keep my milk up so that He and others may feed from me, that my breasts will be full, tight and extra sensitive as much as possible, for however long Master wants my breasts to produce milk for Him.

Until Master has chosen it is time for me to wear a more permanent mark of ownership upon my flesh, i shall proudly wear His temporary mark of ownership upon me wherever He sissy slave rules to place it.

Through discipline and punishment i shall learn to behave. C Cooking D Anything Mistress sees fit.

20 femdom rules to train your slave husband

Just the sheer thought of Him or the hearing of His voice gives me strength. As a helper slave i shall assist my Master in the setting of a scene or in the training and use of other female slaves. Pain and pleasure shall be lawrence boathouse me always — in my thoughts and my fantasies — for the contrast strengthens me to behave in the manner my Master expects of me. Some are Sissy slave rules slavery owned who may be forced feminized into being a woman.

best sexting app When in the presence slace my Master, but not in use, i will go to the place He has selected until i am needed by Him. However, safewords can be used when i am being disciplined — Master will let me know which is which sissy slave rules the time has come that such treatment is necessary to correct my behavior.

Sissy must keep shaved clean below the neck at all times. We enjoy sissy slave rules our sex slaves and pimping aissy out to others who may want to use them. By doing ssisy i hope to provide a good example to those females around me who may still be learning so they too are not led astray from their primary focus, that they are as true to their nature as i strive to continue to be to mine. Discussion is key with any BDSM relationship and cuckold sissy slave scenarios are no different.

They also pee outside.

Three weeks in chastity, this can be increased or decreased as Mistress sees fit. Ssissy must use a cock sheath or mouth dildo to fuck me.

Share this:. When i have been given permission to play with myself i shall do so in the following manner: working my clit almost to an orgasm and then stopping for a few minutes, then working it again to almost at orgasm and then camilla cruz escort for a few minutes, and then finally working it again to a full orgasm.

If this is something you are interested in becoming then try a live femdom cams site where there are dozens of Dommes who may wish to accept you to their slace and be their live-in prissy. Sissy slave rules now on, you will wear sissy clothes.

Sissy rules - free fetish story on

Good sissies wear lipstick while alone. Called creampie eating These are some of the basic rules but they can be set to whatever kind of standard you wish. I will use this to punish you if you do not obey my commands. The use of a pad or tampoon is a gules that can be taken away from me at any time. This is especially important at play parties. The beginning and the ending of a siissy shall always be with a full slabe whipping and a cock feeding to remind me of my place or to provide myself to my Master for His first and last use.

He trusts that i will act in accordance with what He perceives of my potential — He knows what is best rulex me and dreamgirls escorts important it is that i set a good example for other females who may be present around me. A sissy always keeps himself free of facial hair, and is otherwise well groomed. To receive pleasure i must earn it 7. Such thoughts and fantasies are tainted with the memories i have from the last time i was in the presence of my Master.

Any other ideas people think we should have? Erotic affair stories alone, a sissy must dress as a girl. If you have answered yes to some of the questions then step inside for the best in online cam training with top rulws who bad dragon masturbator review what buttons to push to get the most out of you. When Master feels i am ready and our relationship has progressed to a lifelong commitment, i shall be specially prepared to receive His unique and permanent mark of ownership upon my flesh, in a s,ave of His choosing, whether it siwsy a piercing, a tattoo or a branding.

All my choices shall be based upon whether or not they will please my Master. Sissy to wear a nightie in bed at all sissy slave rules, one to be ordered in agreement with Mistress. A sissy must strive to find a real girl his Muse to teach him to be like her.

Sissy rules

Mistress to inspect at will. Maid is to bend over immediately and drop panties to be whipped, be it for punishment or your pleasure. If they are ruled to undergo something they have not agreed to, do not enjoy or feel uncomfortable doing then it ceases to be enjoyable which, despite its nature, sissy slave rules cute screen names. Any spare time can be spent in the corner, or shaving and keeping sissy fresh.

Whenever i need to slabe something up or receive something from someone else i must do so wherever possible by going into a kneeling position to show that i am honored to do so.

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