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Missing you the song

Missing you the song
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Composition[ edit ] The song is a soft rock track. The opening line "Every time I think thw you" [7] is the title of a song by Waite's group the Babys.


She pushes through the door to leave him and it hits him in the face full force as she storms past him, away. He wanted it to look neutral and not be identifiable as any particular city.

Missing you (john waite song) - wikipedia

The inch single version of the song runs over eight minutes and features additional instrumentation and solos, particularly on guitar. Keith Richards is credited as co-writer as was the case for all Rolling Stones originals written by either partner or in tandem.

The extended version can be found on the "Don't Stop" CD single and in edited form on the album Rarities — and on the CD single version of shemale hookups Angie ". When he opens his bedroom door, a woman playfully jumps into his arms and they embrace falling back onto the bed. Waite is gone.

This song, the first edit the Stones did for a inch single, also contains tape repeats and an additional set of lyrics in the second verse, somg the line "Hey, let's go mess and fool around you know, like we used to". Personnel per Some Girls CD credits. The opening line "Every time I think of you" [7] is the title of a song by Waite's group the Babys.

It just became part and parcel of the way the band functioned. He goes into a bar. He tries again to call her but his anger and frustration gets the better of him and he smashes the phone into pieces. Trying to be cool, Waite leans on a lighting stand but misses and stumbles.

Composition[ edit ] The song is a soft rock track. It was remixed by Bob Clearmountainthen an up-and-coming mixer and engineer.

When she finally comes to his door and knocks, he doesn't answer, as he doesn't hear her knock over the music playing on his earphones he had put on just before her first knock. Although some people understandably have mistaken the street scene missing you the song New York City or London, the director intentionally looked for a location in downtown Los Angeles where there was "no Stucco" on the walls which would have been a dead giveaway that it was shot in the southwest U.

She leans against the door gently touching it and, with a deep breath, she turns and leaves as tears flow down her face. He laments about "I ain't missin' you at all" as he walks down the city street only to see a picture of the woman on a newspaper.

Miss you (rolling stones song) - wikipedia

To start the clip, John Waite is sitting in a chair, and after seeing a picture of a woman with whom he is still in love, he, frustrated, slaps the lamp above him causing it to swing back and forth and begins to sing the song. You can hear it in a lot of those tucson missed connections and the Philadelphia-style drumming.

Jagger and Ronnie Wood insist that "Miss You" wasn't conceived as a disco song, while Richards said, "'Miss You' was a damn good disco record; it was calculated to be one. Pained at her emotional and physical assault, he sadly remembers being at one of missihg photo shoots.

There, an older woman slides onto the stool next to him and tries to flirt with him, but for sheer sorrow shows he is not interested and then goes home again still pining for the woman. Jonesville topix to the present, Waite tries to call her from a phone booth, but when the woman finally picks up the phone, her only connection is to a dangling phone in an empty phone booth.

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Seeing this, she lovingly laughs portland fetish his fumbling. In addition to Sugar Blue who, according to Wood, was found by Jagger busking on the streets of Paris, [8] Ian McLagan plays understated Wurlitzer electric pianoand Mel Collins provides the tenor saxophone solo for the instrumental break.

Later, Waite watches through a crack in the door as the woman angrily throws her clothes into her sojg.

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