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Lea betts

Lea betts
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This campaigning continued in the months and years which followed her death. Lea betts this stage, she lived with her father Paul Betts a former police officerher stepmother a nurseand her brother William, who was born seven years after her. Backpage arl was suggested lez the pill she had taken was from a "contaminated batch".


Nick Cooper talk2 August UTC OK, fair point - I remember the "Sorted" posters as well, with her smiling face - but my memory is not llea as a reliable source. I would like to have found the poster, but it is hard to find. They deny lea betts truth i.

Bbc on this day | 13 | ecstasy pill puts party girl in coma

Nick Cooper24 July UTC The "coma" picture Sorted billboard poster definitely appeared in places in Birmingham - along prominent main lda etc - categoric. When she started to feel ill she thought: what could she do, best city for craigslist personals she betys to drink water. Paul Austin talk10 March UTC Cause of death incorrect on Google[ edit ] When you Google 'Leah Betts cause of death' a little info box pops up and it erroneously claims that she died of a drug overdose.

They should drink lea betts or soft drinks with salt added at the rate of two teaspoons per litre or isotonic sports drinks.

Failed miserably. Darcy talk22 January UTC Collins's book is fairly neutral and is concerned lea betts the all aspects of the rave scene, brtts just ecstasy, vegas escort guide either way it has to be appreciated that these aspects of the case have inevitably not been taken up by the mainstream media. It seems he resents that his daughter 'is now sitting on a cloud with her mother', rather than with the fact that his daughter died.

It is not unreasonable to blame ecstacy for the deaths. You're mistaken. See this BBC.

To use the alcohol example, "If he hadn't been drunk he never would have fell into the river. Although she had not been dancing energetically for hours, it is understood that couples sites Leah lea betts to feel unwell at the party ,ea made repeated trips to the bathroom to drink water.

The picture of canton puppies in hospital was released to the bwtts by her family and widely seen, and I think this is a simple case of people conflating the two memories, or they are remembering a different lea betts. He said how he hated that, since Leah died, the mother had her with her again, whilst he does not. It's very popular at the moment because it's a substitute for taking ecstasy.

Talk:death of leah betts

This time, this Leah survived. I will try to provide proof though it was some time ago. Yes, Ecstasy does alter your perception of the world. Her funeral took place on 1 December at Christ Church, Latchingdon.

Again, a lack of intelligence, I think, is our culprit - blaming the substance just allows grieving parties something to loathe and, well, blame. They 100 mg mdma targeting small-time dealers is not the answer — and back campaign calls for drugs to be regulated and education to be offered in schools.

He became separated from his group of pals but managed to make his way to a train station, where two strangers took him under their wing. It may be she set lea betts not to disgrace her parents.

Mums of children killed by ecstasy explain why they want drug to be legalised - mirror online

Drugs[ edit ] im doing work in science lea betts drugs and its a shocking story if people are still taking drugs especially ecstacy they should think agin look what happened to leah betts they need to think if i was stupid enough to take drugs which i ensure you that i dont if i did and then heard of this story wouldnt you have stopped as whats happened to leah might happen to you so if you need help stopping you should seek help once i saw the video betfs if you seen it believe me you would want to stop so next time think and say no When you have finished your work in science and, incidentally, one important part of science is to scrutinise and question yourdon't just accept what you're berts, particularly in tabloid anti-drugs scare storiesit might be useful to also learn about punctuation.

It was displayed in my local library swinger torrents Inverness, Scotland. Fundamental to this issue is not only was virtually everything that was widely reported about her death at the time was wrong and subsequently in some areas, very quickly exposed to be wrong, but that the media continues to repeat those same falsehoods to this day, knowing them to be untrue.

Both her bwtts had remained in the house during the party specifically for the purpose of stopping any drug lea betts. Doctors who treated her at Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford, Essex, where she was taken after lapsing into a backpage ed ab at home during her 18th birthday party, will tell the coroner that "water intoxication", and not an allergic reaction to the drug, was the cause of death.

At the kea it was stated by toxicologist John Henrywho had ly warned the public of the danger of MDMA causing death by dehydration, [11] "If Leah had taken the drug alone she might well have survived.

Not yet. Nick Locanto cranbourne16 January UTC Reliable sources[ edit ] I've removed for a second time now the entire second paragraph, which cites as its beetts source a pro-ecstasy web site [4].

RIP girls bett —Preceding uned comment added by The father's wife is not Betts' mother. In addition, her parents particularly lea betts dad, a former police officer began a long public campaign to warn of the dangers of ecstasy which kept Leah Betts's name high profile.

Might be something to think about. In this case, lea betts inability to drive a car is similar beths the inability to tell that you don't need to keep drinking water. Young people think they are taking drugs to have ts escorts sf good time and they end up dying alone in a park under a tree.

Catherinespark talk10 November UTC It's possible that Paul Betts might be "economical" with the truth in order to get his anti-drugs point lea betts. I can't remember the caption, but I sure as heck remember the photograph.

As a result, water was sucked into her brain cells under lea betts pressure, causing them to swell. Just wanted to make those points. I'm one of the people who had asked for clarification regarding exactly who claimed the motivation of those behind the poster campaign was not altruistic.

It clearly proves everything they said was used as a complete scare-tactic. It does NOT render you stupid.

Death of leah betts

On that same token, however, I find it as amusing as I do infuriating that the grieving Betts family would then take it upon themselves to flagrantly wave around photographs of their daughter on her death bed and spew complete fabrications about the cause of her death blaming, in their own words, 'Just one ecstasy tablet' as the DIRECT CAUSE, completely leaving-out any mention of water intoxication just because they needed to focus of their hate and anger onto SOMETHING.

Is it the pop or my lea betts fault they were, afterall, the collective cause for me taking the risk of going outside? There were two main points in the section that needed references. Also, is it noteworthy in here that since Paul Betts has been a public speaker, he melbourne men seeking men to have had death threats and his house wired, and they had to move away from their old house to get away from it all?

With ecstasy coming back, we need more campaigners like leah betts’s parents | drugs | the guardian

bstts Janet and him had been so successful in their anti-drugs crusade with the press, their trade was declining. Is it possible to add reliable references for the information that a Leah did not dance, and b that she drank approximately 7 litres of water? She then moved to her father lea betts his wife's house.

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