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How to flirt with a nurse

How to flirt with a nurse

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Believe it or not, the best way to impress a potential date is to make them laugh. Many employers have rules in place for dating patients. But you could also be one of the lucky few to marry a nurse that cared for you. Many remember the horrible Boston Marathon bombing. What many may not know is that one of those involved in the bombing went on to marry one of the nurses who helped care for him.


It might even intrigue her to no end, given that most other people in this life tend to fall in line with the solemn mood of fo medical facility almost unconsciously. In fact, you could probably say exactly that and get a smile, just as long as you're a bit more suave about it than they are in the cartoons. You should be my husband.

40 funniest pick-up lines for nurses

Last edited by Scot ;PM. I asked her how he was doing. It is flirting in a non-direct way hoa you are keeping it real with them so that they can give you proper care.

But if you can stay downright calm, cool and collected with a "no worries" composure clirt would make Paul Hogan jealous, you'll have these women buzzing amongst themselves about you on their next break. I get tachycardia when I think of you. You should be my husband.

Tweet How to Flirt Fligt Hot Nurses Probably all of us have happened across a certain smoking hot nurse doing her thing and had this reaction if only in our head, hopefully : And can you blame us? There could be a half-dozen of them. Before she gave me the mask, she smiled and said, "Sweet dreams". This flattery may open the doors for more frequent visits from your nurse.

50+ cheesy nurse pickup lines

nurs For my part, the morning I broke the aforementioned leg BMXing it turned out I needed surgery right away to repair it. I hurt myself pretty bad falling for you. Because heaven is a long way from here. I hurt myself pretty bad falling for you. Because you took my breath away.

Except, of course, they're nurses. Does tp left eye hurt? This will let them know that you are paying attention and value what they have to say about your care.

Did we have class together? We actually have a handful of really good pick-up lines for nurses that will surely brighten up your day.

If you've suddenly been dealt a life and death issue mickle electric the moment--which I sincerely hope you never have to go to an Emergency Room for--then far be it from me to be unreasonable. If you really want to flirt with your nurse and get on their good side, try to be as polite and friendly as possible.

Instead of seeing that as a challenge to "mood creation", view it as an opportunity to brighten what may be a long and tedious day at work for her. For people who are on the front line of providing patient care, this can spell more problems. You're different.

How to flirt with hot nurses - relationship talk forum

So the story goes from the nurse herselfshe had just a bit earlier held his hand and asked him the same question. Did you hear that? You get my heart racing like an epinephrine drip. But not you. Now, check it out.

40 funniest pick-up lines for nurses - nursebuff

That said, even if you're the patient, all isn't necessarily lost. What do your beautify and the c diff smell have in common? Worse, if she works for your own doctor's office, you can pretty much forget it. Can you check my heartbeat? Blood is red, cyanosis is blue, I get tachycardia when I think of you.

"nurse! i think i have a crush on you!" tips on how to flirt with a nurse

He came off as both confident and courageous. Can you show me how to do mouth-to-mouth, on me? Gross Nurse Pickup Lines My love for you is like diarrhea. However, instead of using your usual flirting techniques, you may want to employ a different tactic, as wiht are very busy and have a lot of people to care for.

The smile is a friendly gesture that sends off the right vibes. That tends to turn women on. If you need to study anatomyI can help with the bones.

Nevertheless, don't let any of that cause you to believe that meeting nurses is all but impossible in general. Let me be clear here.

Do you have my other lung? Years ago, one of my close friends experienced total kidney failure and nearly died.

Sure, she works in a place that's pretty stark and dare I say it--boring.

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