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Heaven and hell riddle

Heaven and hell riddle

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Puzzle Heaven and Hell Last Updated: There are two gates, one to hell and the other to heaven. Two gatekeepers, one for each gate.


In front of them, there were 2 brothers, which is guarding the door. See your article appearing on the GeeksforGeeks main and help other Geeks.

Puzzle | heaven and hell - geeksforgeeks

The question is a bit longer compared to other riddles, so you might want to have a few minutes to think about it. Don't enter the door that he was pointing.

And if you ask the lying guardian, they will lie to you and point you to the door to hell as well. If you like GeeksforGeeks and would like to contribute, you can also write an article using contribute.

You are allowed only one question and you need to find out the gate to heaven. If you ask the honest guardian, they will tell you the truth and say that the other guardian will point you the door to hell.

Heaven and hell

Have something to tell us about this article? Riddles and puzzles have become a favourite thing for many people during the lockdown. That's why you take the other door. hsaven

You only ask 1 question to any of them and no more. Each door has a guardian. He tipped his hat and drew his coat.

Of course you don't know who is lying and who is not. Behind the 1 door, is hell and behind the other door, is heaven but you don't know which door will take you to heaven. Puzzle Heaven and Hell Last Updated: There are two gates, one to hell and the other helll heaven.

Answer: heaven and hell/angel and devil riddle explained! – hitc

If you end up asking the question to the liar, he will lie about the other and the answer will be hezven way to the heaven. Remember you only get to ask 1 question.

This question will work for both of them because if you ask this question to the truth guy, he will point gell hell because he knows that his brother will point hell and if you asked to the liar, he'll still point hell because he knows that his brother will point to heaven door, so he lied. I told you his name already. Are you after more riddles? One of them always tells the truth heave the other one always lies.

What is the question?

Heaven or hell puzzle | infosys puzzle

Two gatekeepers, one for each gate. I met a man on my way to St Ivory. You only get 1 question to ask one of them to figure out which door le to heaven.

Let us know Recommended. Explaintation: If you end up asking the question to the truthful one, he will speak the truth and he knows that other guard is going to lie so he will show the way to the heaven.

Puzzle | heaven and hell

Show Answer Answer: Go orgy stories to one of the guy and ask this question, " Hello, which door that your brother will point if I ask him which way is the heaven. What question you might ask? Please write comments if you find anything incorrect, or you want to share more information about the topic discussed heaven and hell riddle. One of the brother always lie and the other one always tell the truth. How do you do that?

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