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Are you spoiled quiz

Are you spoiled quiz

Name: Kristen

Age: 30
City: Colorado Springs, Bear, Rubicon
Hair: Copper
Relation Type: Old Married Ladies Wanting Online Dating Dating
Seeking: Ready Sexy Meeting
Relationship Status: Newlyweds


I pay it with my allowance! My parents pay. Usually my parents give me the money I need, but sometimes I pay with my allowance.


After crying for a while, I go back to my party I roll my eyes as I watch my family leave for the hospital.

Are you a spoiled brat? - quiz -

I am not her little servant. When you get something new and shiny, it makes spoile happy for only a few minutes. Good looking comfortable clothes that you like.

Whatever they think is best. Everyone loves me! Check There are entire scrapbooks focused on your life. I make an ard of them! Then I put away all the garden tools and help her with everything else 5 Let's say you have a twin sister who isn't as much into fashion as you, and doesn't really care how she looks.

There's just my best friend, really I have a very private group of friends. Upper class.

Your parents pay at least part of your credit card bill. You got your homework checked every night.

I feel a bit spoilrd, but I know my friends wouldn't leave me or anything, and plenty of guys are into me. I have only one?!

You got a packed lunch most days. Get a bit jealous. But what do you know?

You win an award for being the best overall player in your soccer team and receive a huge trophy. If it's time for you to talk, you don't hesitate to interrupt a conversation.

Am i a spoiled brat? (for girls)

Special exclusive deer clothing. You got to skip school for "special occasions" — like to see the midnight premiere of Harry Potter. You proudly flaunt your brattiness. You asked for — and got tou a pet. I get a bit of attention anyways I plot against them and spread rumors How many friends do you have?

A girl can dream, right? What's wrong with this guy!

It's the dress she wants. You know that you can always bend the rules if you want to.

Then, of course, there are just people I know Who cares? After all, their claim is false.

I must have forgotten to put on my makeup! Or like, I try qiz make her fat or cut off her hair I'm pretty average I tell all my girls that if they even think of going near that girl, they will never have a social life again. I won't have a car.

Am i spoiled?

I'm simply the best thing on the planet. She'll never be as popular as I am!

Check the statements below that are true about you or that you agree with. You got help with homework every night. People practically throw gifts at me. What about me? A little bit expensive, but all my things are luxury. She knows better than spoilfd make stupid suggestions Help her plant the flowers, and thank her for letting me help.

Are you spoiled? - personality quiz

We have way better watches! Are you spoiled quiz happens at meal times? Check You got a tou when you turned I find a way to make him look like he's the stupid one I tell him I don't know the answer I apologize for not knowing the answer, then run away crying I tell him to mind his own business I wiggle out of it by being cutesy and stuff - maybe flirt a little 11 How do spliled feel about charity work?

Either someone pays for me, or I get it for free It's been known to happen every now and then ; 9 Your best friend really wants this certain dress. Why do you have to waste your precious money? Growing up, your parents rarely punished you.

Were you spoiled as a kid growing up?

Fun This test is not based on any scientific study whatsoever. It is actually all too much for me. You always pay full price for things.

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