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2010 nissan altima transmission problems


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There are no gears. One gear only, but infinitely variable and there should not be any perception of gear shifting.


Nhtsa — power train: automatic transmission problems

Provlems the cvt transmission had too much oil half quart in it from the factory which causes them to overheat which causes the condition we experienced. This model has a defective trend of CVT transmission issues that generally occurs at the ,mile mark. And go back to Honda.

I requested to be called by the owner tomorrow. The vehicle is the worst I have ever owned, and would never buy another Nissan due to this. The transmission issues include a shuddering feeling while ;roblems, a whining noise with increased speed, transmission failure, and the shifting hesitating while driving — which is a that you might have a transmission fluid leak.

Nissan altima transmission problems | www.articulosdemarihuana.site

Due to the costly repair, the transmission bay area escorts with these two models are intense, despite not being reported very often. First time it occurred, I was already in motion going about 65 mph on the freeway and when I pressed on the accelerator, there was no response. The third transmission problem is the gear shift getting stuck in the park.

Still within warranty. The transmission was suffering from severe shuddering around rpm, especially when going uphill.

What owners are saying

pof woodstock nb I took my car to the El Cajon dealership. Her 2nd week driving by herself to work and now she is so afraid to drive the car. I took the car into the dealer for 3 summers in a row. The problem generally occurs at an average tfansmission 53, miles and has a severity rating of 8. We slowly gained speed and eventually moved to a parking lot where the car came to a stop;not willing to move beyond that parking space.

These problems generally happen at an average of 45, miles. After coming to a stop at a major intersection, I tried to accelerate at a normal rate and discovered that the vehicle hook up website free not responding and didn't have sufficient power to safely move thru the intersection.

I gotMiles on my last Honda Accord. Some of the causes of these transmission issues are due to leaking transmission fluid, low fluid, the shifter, internal transmission issues like the brakes dragging, or low transmission fluid. There are user reports of the vehicle shaking violently while trying to accelerate, but the reports are not as many as other following and subsequent years.

In addition, the NHTSA has created numerous complaints with the power train system, dealing with manual transmission problems. I was prblems mile from Nissan Dealer where I bought my car and drove it there. I then gave him the printout of the dealership who said there was nothing wrong with my car. Inthe Nissan Altima transmission problems involved the transmission slipping and jerking, problems with the automatic power train, and issues transmossion the manual powertrain.

Nissan altima reliability - consumer reports

The converter was transmissioj objects back into the exhaust manifold, which can cause a dangerous obstruction. I bought a Nissan Altima less than a year ago. I am 70 years old and do not drive much.

The issues with the Nissan Altima began in the third generation. Will Nissan Ever Help? Each time the car ran worse. At 65k transmission started shuddering and then vehicle would stall and die in traffic, very dangerous. Vehicle was sent into dealership three separate rransmission, for engine pulley, reprogramming, completely new ECM.

Nissan altima transmission problems | nissan cvt transmission recall

transmixsion Nissan will not pay for the replacement of the CVT transmission without error codes. Unfortunately it was the transmission and gonna cost to replace it.

Second time I was on a local street going about 35 and when I pressed the accelerator, no response again. State: Georgia February 18th, at pm It seems to me every Nissan altima is having problems with their transmission.

And when it overheats it sends the car into fail-safe mode which limits engine RPMs as it tries to prevent damage. Fast forward to this week, the car is back at the dealers due to having the same issue of not being able to go any faster than 20 mph with the gas peddle to the floor.

Prohlems go so far as to call it a safety hazard when trying to merge onto a busy road. Australia February 10th, at am My heart breaks!!!

Drove well, no issues and all scheduled maintenance done regularly at the dealer. I released the accelerator, let it cruise for a few pdoblems and pressed it again and it responded. He gave me the codes and these were the same codes that I have from the printout of my mechanic.

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